To give you an idea of the trust Plural puts in its people, I spent my first day as an analyst at the New York office interviewing customers at a trade show. This early responsibility was one of the things I was looking for when I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Five months after joining Plural, I’ve worked on three projects in different industries and led my own workstream on the second one. Here, you talk to the project manager and other senior people every day. You draft the slides the client will see when the project ends and can clearly see how your work contributes to the final result.

The New York office is growing rapidly, so we get to help shape what Plural looks like; In both the collaborative culture we create and the people we hire. While we do work hard, people want to find a balance. So if you want to create a club or suggest a social, they’re very supportive.

It’s easy to see how your career can develop. There are lots of people in senior roles who started out as analysts. From the start, people help you develop the skills you’ll need to grow. I can really see a future here.