With the sort of catchy title that you would expect from government procurement and a typical lack of fanfare, the announcement of selected suppliers within the GPSoC (GP Systems-of-Choice) Lot 1 procurement framework in April 2014 may well mark a breakthrough moment for an entire generation of health IT and analytics suppliers.

Determined to shake up a market that has notoriously failed to meet expectations over the past decade, the NHS in England has sought to provide funding and support to a series of young, dynamic and innovative software businesses by including them in Lot 1 of the GPSoC procurement framework which had previously been reserved for core systems suppliers (such as EMIS and TPP). It is no guarantee of success for any of those included, however it opens the door to central funding and a far more straightforward purchasing process, should any GP surgeries be tempted by the new functionality on offer. For some of the lesser-known names, this potentially represents a breakthrough moment.

The supplier list for Lot 1:

Advanced Health And Care Limited

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