We are very interested to hear from people who embody the Plural philosophy. We look for the intellectual curiosity that creates sector experts, the relentless analytical drive that gets to the heart of a question (and still goes further), the empathy that promotes collaboration and the desire to take initiative and think independently. In return, we offer:

  • A dynamic, entrepreneurial environment
  • Rapid development
  • Early client exposure and responsibility
  • Continuous learning
working at plural

What we offer

Responsibility from day one

  • Interns and Analysts join project teams from day one and have direct exposure to clients, attending meetings and taking part in presentations with C-level executives
  • Your voice and opinions will be heard, no matter your level

Steep career progression

  • We have performance evaluations every six months including salary reviews to recognise our team’s hard work and results
  • We encourage high-performance and place no limit in how fast our consultants can get to the next level.
  • Your development will be based on merit and we will do our best to support you in developing at a pace that is comfortable to you and meets your goals and ambitions

Learning and training

  • We encourage constant learning and provide weekly training sessions including induction training for new joiners and a yearly offsite training in the Mediterranean

A fast-paced, challenging environment

  • Work at Plural never gets boring. We operate in a fast-paced environment with projects usually lasting 4-8 weeks
  • You will have the chance to work for leading corporates and PE investors on challenging projects across some of the most dynamic sectors internationally

Opportunity to work overseas

  • We have an exchange programme between our London and New York offices and offer the possibility to Analysts and Associates to spend 3-6 months across the Atlantic
  • Though the majority of work is based in London or New York, our projects have taken the team across the world, from spending two days in a rural seaside town in Northern Spain, to a factory site visit in Brasil, and three weeks supporting a client from the centre of Hong Kong

A social team and supportive culture

  • At Plural, we foster a collaborative and dynamic culture. We all enjoy working with each other and are always ready to give each other a hand, no matter how busy we are
  • We also enjoy spending time with each other outside of working hours and organise many social activities including dinners, football games, escape rooms and casual drinks at the pub
  • Plural even has its very own music band that performs at our annual birthday party

Who we are looking for

We are very interested to hear from people who embrace the Plural philosophy. We are looking for people who combine outstanding intellect and analytical capability with commercial judgement. Our team is highly collaborative, but also keen to use their own initiative.


We pose a simple question. We work with you to get to the answer, it is not a trick and we are not setting you up to fail. We want to understand how you think, your approach to a problem, how do you navigate an unfamiliar situation to get to an answer, and how do you present and justify your findings.

What questions do you have?

The working environment, the company culture and philosophy, do we have a pool table (spoiler: no), career progression. No question is a bad question (except about pool tables). We value your curiosity, your creative thinking and your interests. Be yourself, don’t try and ask the “intellectual” question because you think it is the right thing to do.

Interview tips

Listen to the interviewer and ask questions. We pose a simple question.  Ask lots of questions and show how you’re approaching the challenge. You will get additional data and hints along the way, and often there are assumptions to be made.  Make notes so you don’t forget anything. Don’t rush without developing an understanding of the issue. Organize your thoughts. Ask questions that check your understanding, not doing this tells us more than asking a “bad” question.

Develop a structure. Even if it is wrong you can change it as you go along, but it is wise to map out a direction. Focus on important issues. This is not a month-long client project. You don’t have time to delve into every detail. It is ok to make assumptions and test those with your interviewer.  With calculations it is worth getting them right, even if they include assumptions. If the answer is not apparent don’t panic. We want to learn about your approach to solving a problem.  So ask questions. We want you to do your best. Be yourself. Engage with us as you are. We are not scary.