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We do not set any limitations on how fast you can progress. Many of our senior team started their careers at Plural and have been supported to meet their career goals. You will be given responsibilities from Day One and opportunities to have an impact.

Consulting Path to Partner

This sets out the typical path that your career could take at Plural

Our 2023 Interns


A summer intern takes on the role of an Analyst within Plural and internships usually last around 10-12 weeks.

Joy joined our New York team in 2022


The Analyst role is the typical entry point to consulting. The role includes research, analysis and conducting customer interviews.

Matthew joined Plural in September 2020


Associates continue to develop their consulting toolkit. They design, conduct and analyse research, build market-sizing and forecasting models, and develop project storylines.

Izzy joined Plural as an Analyst in 2020

Senior Associate

Senior Associates manage different workstreams and implement research, analysis and interview programs to design the client solution.

Henry joined Plural in 2017


A typical day for a Manager includes driving project thinking, coordinating team progress and delivering client output.

Gaby joined Plural as an Intern in 2016

Associate Director

As an Associate Director, you take on more complex projects and manage bigger teams. You’re seen as a leader in one of our verticals.

catherine daly plural strategy

Catherine joined Plural in 2022


At the Director level, you continue to build a pathway to Partner, and a strong reputation as a leader internally and with clients.

Jonathan joined Plural in 2014


Our Partners lead multiple projects and are responsible for business development and thought leadership in their specialist verticals.

Learning and development

At Plural, we want to help each other grow, learn and develop. We hold regular lunch and learns, share best practice and also provide skills-based training

Induction Training

When you start you’ll have an intensive week of training to give you all of the essential skills to develop your Plural consulting toolkit and successfully go onto your first project.

Training Sessions

We host regular internal and external training sessions to help develop our team’s needs, this could be anything from an intensive internal excel modelling training to a whole company workshop with RADA to improve our presenting skills.

Lunch and Learns

We host whole company sessions to all have lunch together and learn something new, either from a team member or someone outside the company.

Show and Tells

Project Teams will present some of our most interesting or informative projects to the rest of the company, so we can share learnings.


We use Kubicle, an online training software to enable our team to refresh their Excel or Data skills with easily digestible 5–10 minute lessons.

Regular Feedback

You’ll get regular written feedback after every project so you know how you’re performing and what to work on. You’ll also meet with your Line Manger monthly to get their guidance.


You’ll have feedback during our twice-yearly appraisal sessions, giving you clarity on your progression, goals and development areas.

Life after Plural

In-house Strategy

Plural alumni have gone on to work at notable global companies including Deliveroo, Google, and Diageo, holding key strategic roles and facilitating their expansion.


Many driven people who started their careers at Plural are now working at exciting start-ups. Some have even founded their own companies, such as Meera and Andrew who created a diversity, equity & inclusion SaaS tool, Clusivity.


Having gained accelerated consulting experience and plenty of exposure to clients and partners, some alumni continue their consulting careers at larger organisations such as Bain, working in different industries or geographies.


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