We hear from Jessica Capon about her role at Plural.

Can you tell me about your role?

I joined in April 2019 as Office Manager. At the time Plural was a small company with no real processes or HR system. When I started my role mainly involved managing the reception and ad hoc duties around the London office.

I’m lucky in the sense that I have the freedom to make the role my own. It’s given me the chance to develop my skills. As the company has grown over the last three years, my job role has too.

How has your role evolved?

I’ve learnt so much over the last three years. Prior to working at Plural, whilst I have previously worked in offices, this type of role was new to me.

As the Business Functions Team has grown I’ve been able to work with our People, Marketing and Finance teams to improve processes and create better ways of working.

The scope of my role has also expanded – I am now Executive Assistant to all six Plural Partners, which I really enjoy. The Partners’ need for assistance has also changed over time, meaning I get to learn new things. I get real satisfaction from knowing that I’ve made someone’s day that bit easier.

The great thing with this job is that it will continue to evolve.

Anything you’re particularly proud of?

I managed the office moves for both London and New York, which I really enjoyed. I learnt a lot during the process as I was involved in every aspect – layout, decor, logistics, technology…

What did you want to create with the new London office?

With the design, we wanted the workspace to feel open and collaborative to reflect our culture. We created a lot of meeting spaces, both formal and informal.

It was important to have a large kitchen/social area where people can come together and have space away from their desks. London is a food-oriented office, you’ll always find a cupboard or fridge full of snacks! Our kitchen is really the focal point of the office. It’s designed so that you can have internal, ad hoc meetings in a more informal environment.

We also needed to find a space that was futureproof as we’re growing as a company.

Overall, we wanted the London office to feel light and open, and I think we managed to achieve that.

And you also managed a New York office move in 2021, how did that experience differ?

The New York office move was a learning curve, particularly with the time difference and also the difference in regulations between the UK and US.

Matt Vellacott and I worked on it together and created a great space for the NY team. We wanted it to feel just like an extension of the London office.

What are you excited about working on?

I’m looking forward to visiting our New York office and helping to create an even better office experience for the team there.

This month we’re also hosting Plural’s 8th Birthday Party – the first in-person event we’ll have hosted since the pandemic. It’s a great opportunity to meet some suppliers, freelancers, and clients. Overall it should be a really lovely evening!

Can you tell us more about Plural social events?

Definitely! A large part of my role is organising events, which I’ve found a love for. This includes company socials, external events, and our annual Away Stay.

Plural’s Social Committee (SoCo) had to get creative during lockdown with virtual events – we hosted virtual cooking masterclasses, cocktail making and a Plural quiz. We’ve got some great socials planned for 2022

Everyone getting together and having a good time is taken seriously at Plural!

Organising our company Away Day to Malaga in 2019 had its challenges but it was so rewarding when the activities and training were a success.

Due to the pandemic, we didn’t host an Away Day in 2020 but we still managed to have a UK-based event in Autumn 2021. I’m looking forward to Away Day 2022. Spending time together in the sunshine is great for team-building! 

What is your favourite thing about working at Plural?

Definitely the social side – everyone genuinely gets along and has each others’ best interests in mind. It’s a friendly and caring working environment, which I like.

I also like the fact that it’s a flat culture and transparent – it doesn’t feel like there’s any hierarchy. Anyone can go to anyone with a question they may have.

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