Commercial due diligence for Falfurrias’ investments in Hamilton Place Strategies, FLAG Media Analytics and alva

Plural is pleased to have supported the recent majority investments by Falfurrias Capital Partners (FCP) in Hamilton Place Strategies, Flag Media Analytics, and alva.

Alongside its investment into Ballast Research last year, this new partnership has brought together a comprehensive suite of services that can address the needs and challenges that corporations face when managing their reputation through combining unique, objective data and insights with first-class advisory services.

About the businesses

Hamilton Place Strategies

Hamilton Place Strategies (HPS) is an analytical public affairs consulting firm. The firm works on complex issues in highly regulated industries, partnering with clients to advance their most important priorities. HPS was founded in 2010 by partners Tony Fratto and Stuart Siciliano.

Flag Media Analytics

Flag is a next-generation news monitoring service; we use both professionals and technology to support clients. The Flag process is designed to inform the decision-making cycle for media engagement and improve planning, feedback, and reporting for public affairs and communications teams. Flag delivers real-time alerts directly into the inboxes of those engaging and responding to media every day. Its team of dedicated media analysts is trained in the latest media aggregation tools and conducts hands-on analysis to deliver the news and insights clients need to make more informed decisions.


Headquartered in London, UK, alva is a stakeholder intelligence platform that provides data-rich, real-time technology to companies across industries, including financial services, consumer, healthcare, and professional services. Built on award-winning Natural Language Processing technology, alva delivers the richest and most accurate insights based on the analysis of more than 25 million pieces of content every day across 100 languages, 150 countries, and over 500,000 different individual publications. Additionally, alva’s ESG Intelligence provides comprehensive analysis of how any company is performing against the SASB sector standard issues compared to their peer group.

Although each business will maintain its own independent service offerings, support across the partnering organizations will now include public affairs, media relations, crisis and issue management, research and analysis, political and regulatory risk analysis, global thought leadership, digital strategy, corporate reputation, creative content, and media monitoring and analysis.

The Plural team, led by Jonathan Dufton, supported FCP in their investment with commercial due diligence.

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