Industrial technology corporations face a critical juncture to pivot business models further towards digital solutions. These can better drive customer value and capture a greater share of wallet, either as companions to mechanical product portfolios or as stand-alone revenue streams.

First version published: August 2020
Last updated: November 2021

Industrial technology corporations can increasingly capture value through digitally-enabled solutions

The adoption of digital technologies

Growth and adoption of digital technologies in Plural end markets vary across applications. Fleet management and asset monitoring are the most prevalent.

The impact of Covid-19 on digital adoption in industrials

Whilst Covid-19 impacted budgets, the investment case for digital adoption has been strengthened. Many industrial operators are implementing digital solutions to address changing consumer needs and market landscapes and improve operating processes.

There are several ways diversified industrial corporations have evolved their business models to be more digital. These include:

Industrial technology corporations must establish the appropriate customer-led digital strategy

Before implementing digital strategies, corporations should consider go-to-market factors and understand customer needs. Considerations include:

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