Digi-Industrials: The offshore transition to renewables

24 June 2020

Wind is an increasingly attractive offshore segment for energy corporations, technology manufacturers and investors.

Updated 23 April 2021


Global capacity in offshore wind is increasing globally. This is driven by:

  • Increasing cost competitiveness with other forms of clean power generation
  • Practical benefits of offshore wind, i.e. negligible land usage and constant power generation
  • Oil companies’ desire to diversify


The offshore wind sector is fundamentally changing, moving further from the shore and into deeper waters. This will have implications for supply chain spending and therefore investors:

  • Foundations will become bigger and more expensive
  • There will be higher amounts of transmission equipment installed
  • Digital technology uptake will be accelerated

Graph by Plural Strategy showing Offshore Wind Capacity Growth April 2021 by geographical region



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Cover image of Plural Strategy report with text Offshore transition to renewables


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