When we were setting up the office in NYC over four years ago, I asked the various real estate brokers for an office with a view. And they told me “beggars can’t be choosers”.

Today, we have a 20th-floor office with sweeping east and south-facing views of Manhattan (I can see the Flatiron Building from my desk). We’re expanding, too: we’ve already knocked through one wall and are eyeing up others.

Our office is growing because we’re growing. And that means fantastic opportunities for everyone from experienced consultants to recent graduates and summer interns.

Eight reasons our New York office is a great place to work:

  1. We’re an expansion of Plural Strategy’s global team, not a start-up. That means we serve many of the same clients as London and offer the same high level of exposure to senior clients. (Usually the C-suite at global trade show organizers or at large, diversified industrial companies.)
  2. We’re growing. That’s partly because of repeat business and developing close relationships with our clients. But we’re also extending our expertise to new clients across our sectors. And we’re exploring other ways we can add value to our current ones – for example, by helping them make data-driven decisions.
  3. You’ll really see the impact you make. As part of a cross-office team (usually 3-6 people), you’ll be involved in all aspects of a project. You’ll also have a wide range of responsibilities and access to the most senior people at the firm.
  4. You’ll be able to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. We’re part of a global team, but we also have a blank sheet of paper in front of us. We also have the opportunity to grow our business in the biggest consulting market in the world. So if you want to grow and shape the future, Plural could be the place for you.
  5. You’ll be able to build your own client base faster than at other firms. Have you delivered lots of projects, but struggled to develop new client business? We strongly encourage our team to go the distance and build their own client relationships much faster than in larger firms.
  6. You’ll be part of a vibrant and professional team. We have a very flat structure, so everyone helps everyone else – whatever their level. We encourage a mix of work and fun. And with both US and UK staff in the office, there’s quite a bit of banter. (You’ll likely interact with people in London on a daily basis, too.)
  7. You won’t live out of a suitcase. Most of our work takes place in our Manhattan office, so you won’t be away from home during the week like at most other firms. Our work-life balance is better too: we work hard, but we respect people’s boundaries.
  8. … but you will get to do some fun travel. You’ll visit some interesting places and see some interesting things – from the thousands of trade shows across the US to industrial manufacturing plants located right in the middle of some of the flyover states. We’ll send you to London for training and beyond. And if you’re interested, you’ll be able to put yourself forward for our rotation program, which sees people go to London for a six-month stint or rotate from London to NYC.

So what are we looking for?
We want to hire smart people who have an analytical mindset. But we’re also looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit who can think outside the box. After all, we’re growing and we strive to be different.

Most importantly, the people we hire fit our culture. That means they really care about the quality of the work we provide and immerse themselves in our clients’ businesses quickly. It also means they know how to have some fun.

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