Developing a 3-year strategy for a B2B media platform to deliver transformation and accelerate growth

Project background

Client context

  • Plural Strategy’s client is a B2B media provider, which provides marketers access to audiences across three core industry verticals through a number of channels across digital, print and events


  • Following a series of challenges that led to a decline in revenue (including Covid-19), the client asked Plural to develop a strategy to accelerate the transformation of the business and maximise value creation levers over the next three years
  • Furthermore, the client asked Plural to design an execution plan to deliver this strategy

Key questions

  • What are buyer and marketer needs and how are they evolving?
  • What are the strategic options and how can they be prioritized?
  • How should the strategy be executed and what are the next steps?

What we did

Transformation hypotheses and case study development

  • Reviewed the transformation journey and evolution of best-in-class business models, and identified the core development stages that others in a more advanced stage have gone through

Opportunity assessment

  • Assessed the current state of the client’s product offering and other capabilities to diagnose where the business is in its digital transformation
  • Analysed underserved needs of the client’s audiences and marketers to identify potential opportunities to better serve their needs and increase share of wallet

Strategy and execution plan development

  • Prioritised opportunities based on market need, (potential) value add to the business and ease of execution
  • Designed a detailed execution plan, including capabilities and investments, to execute on these opportunities
  • Sequenced the plan over a 3-year period


  • Plural delivered an actionable plan, with actionable steps to execute on the key opportunities priorities
  • Plural clearly set out the recommendations on the investments required on infrastructure, tech and internal business processes, as well as the phrasing of these investments so that the target had a set of actionable initiatives
  • Since our work, the client has followed the plan. As an example, the client has a fully developed content and audience strategy and has recently introduced a content studio to help service marketers’ needs