I joined Plural in 2014 as an Analyst, and I’m now a Senior Associate, which means I manage smaller projects and lead work streams on larger ones.

Plural has changed hugely since I started, but the things I liked at the beginning still apply:

  1. The variety of markets, industries, strategic problems and questions you encounter is exciting. I particularly enjoy the very beginning and the very end of a project. At the start, you’re learning what the project’s about, and it’s a different sector and company every time. At the end, it’s really satisfying to see everything tie in and to see the client really engage with your hard work.
  2. The impact you make depends on the project. On a commercial due diligence project, it might be making sure that a company acquires another company for the right price. On a strategy project, it might be that the client has managed to stop their profits from declining.
  3. The people are the glue of the company. It’s an incredibly supportive and friendly environment. If you’re struggling, someone will always help you – however busy they are. The culture is very strong: fun, social and lively without being cliquey or unadaptable. And we all share a love of food and music. I’d more than happily spend time with any one of the team – both at and outside of work.