We work with investors and technology enabled companies across the information industries to identify future value creation opportunities.


Technology is transforming media, events, information, education and agribusiness. We work with investors and companies to navigate the digitalisation of these industries and identify growth opportunities.


The Opportunities


Increased investment in MarTech capabilities is a priority for most marketers. The near-term focus is on improving customer analytics and investing in personalization, remarketing and social media management platforms. Read more.


Successful event tech vendors carve out clear and defensible niches based on a deep understanding of user needs. Their differentiation may be a unique approach to a particular functionality, such as matchmaking or polling, delivered to a broad set of customers or a one-stop shop delivered to a particular customer segment. Read more.


The global EdTech and Smart Classroom market is growing rapidly. In particular growth is coming from the Learning Management System, K12 edtech, eLearning and VR eLearning. The education industry is being transformed by gamification and VR technology.