Plural supports EagleTree Backed Companies, Arc and The Channel Company, on the acquisition of Incisive Media

EagleTree Capital backed companies, Arc and The Channel Company, have acquired Incisive Media – a UK-based digital media and events business.

Arc acquired Incisive’s financial services and business sustainability portfolios. These portfolios expand Arc’s sector diversity across the UK market with the addition of leading financial services and business sustainability brands such as Investment Week, Professional Pensions, Professional Adviser, and BusinessGreen.

The Channel Company, a leading IT-channel focused B2B marketing company, will acquire Incisive’s enterprise technology portfolio.

Tech-enabled marketing services in a changing digital marketplace

Incisive Media’s solutions include digital content and events, combined with specialist marketing services to help marketers target their audiences online and face-to-face.

The role of the marketer is evolving, with increasing focus on ROI from content across channels, the delivery of intent-based leads to drive growth, and demand generation from Account Based Marketing initiatives.

Incisive Media’s leading brands help marketers to increase brand awareness and generate leads by accessing their target customer at different touchpoints across the marketing funnel.

What we did

Plural provided commercial due diligence on the transaction

Plural’s report includes comprehensive coverage of the market and competition, Incisive Media’s positioning and value proposition and an assessment of their growth plan.

Through in-depth analysis and customer led research, Plural assessed the outlook for Incisive Media’s marketer spend and event performance, the strength and loyalty of Incisive Media’s audience base and their wider offerings and identified future opportunities.

Key questions Plural helped to answer

  • How strong is customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • What value do marketers derive from the company’s media and events products?
  • What is the outlook for marketer spend in 2022 and beyond?
  • What value is delivered to event delegates and sponsors and what is the outlook post-Covid?
  • Where are the future growth opportunities?
  • What technology, resources and processes are needed to further grow marketing offerings?

The Plural team

The Plural team was led by Jim Easton and Louise Obadia and included Jamie Berridge, Hamdi Rouz, Izzy Bourke and Johanna Jeffery.

Marketing insights

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